Insect screens for large size


Choosing and ordering an insect screen is easy when we talk about standard measures but usually customers have lots of doubts when they are dealing with French doors and wide windows like sliding windows or doors with more shutters. The solutions are at your fingertips yet. Today technology allows us to create special insect screens made-to-measure for doors and French doors for large sizes also, at truly contained prices. In the case of sliding doors, you can also choose which shutter to open and, as needed, to remain fixed, with the possibility of an almost infinite customization.


Among the Noflystore range of models, two of them in particular are the best option for large size windows and French doors: Gold.04 and Platinum.04. Gold.04 is a hinged insect screen that could be even defined “door screen”. It opens with an handle both from the inside and from the outside, it has no lower rail making it, therefore, suitable for junction points and can be customised even for maxi format doors. If Gold.04 is visible all year long (unless you disassemble it), Platinum.04 is a pleated insect screen that you can move to the right or to the left during the winter or whenever you need. This insect screen is, above all, ideal for large size doors and French doors (starting from 400 mm up to 1200 mm width) thanks to the shutters (up to 5) that can be joined to form a big lateral pleated insect screen with magnetic lock. Concerning maxi format insect screens, aesthetics has more importance and Noflystore pleated mesh allows you not only to have a highly functional solution, but even the best design!

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